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Please be aware that this video contains graphic images. This video is owned by The Royal College of Podiatry

Within the consultation, sophisticated gait analysis computer systems are used to assess foot function.

Biomechanics is a modality used to enhance foot function and body posture. Foot and lower limb discomfort is alleviated through the use of orthotics and professional guidance.

Please make us aware of your intent to have a biomechanical assessment when booking to ensure an appropriate appointment length is allocated. Please ensure you wear appropriate, loose clothing exposing your knees and ankles.

For more information regarding orthotics please watch the video.

Price for a biomechanical examination from £110

Following consultation and discussion, if orthotics are required, we can provide pre-fabricated or personalised casted orthotics.

Prices start at £80 for off the shelf devices. Fully bespoke, custom made devices range from £340 which includes casting ,fitting and any adaptations required.

We also provide a full refurbishment service for devices that require recovering. Prices start from £60.

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