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Insurance Plans

We are registered with a number of health insurance providers, please check your policy details before booking an appointment.

You will need to provide the Podiatrist with a claim/authorisation number from your insurance provider. If you cannot provide this number you will be charged the full amount and a receipt issued to allow you to reclaim the cost from your insurer.

Please check with your insurance company before making an appointment as they may require that you have a GP or consultant referral prior to attending.

Your insurance company may not cover all costs, please check with them. You may be required to pay dressing charges directly to Farnborough Feet on the day of your appointment.

Medical devices such as orthotics and splints and post operative dressing packs are not covered by insurance providers. If these are required  they will be billed directly to the patient at the time of the appointment.

Farnborough Feet reserve the right to charge an administration fee for the reclaiming of fees from your insurance company.

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If your insurance provider is not listed above, please enquire when booking your appointment.

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